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ANNOUNCEMENT - 01/30/2022
RoFe Design now offers full hosting services. We can provide: email hosting, small to large website hosting, 360 virtual tour asset hosting and more. We offer email setup with our server and your domain, or if you need GMail or Google Workspace email setup we can help.

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ANNOUNCEMENT - 02/23/2022
We have moved to Arcadia Florida and will be launching a new site to better service are local area. Since I started my first company in 1999 I have serviced customers near and far. This will not changed. I currently have customers in Ontario Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North and South Carolina and Florida. Might have to change the company name hmmmm.

I graduated high school in 1989 and spent the next 10 years as a chef. I traveled the country and worked in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and California. I loved cooking but always wanted to do something with my God-given talent of art. At thirteen I attended the Moore College of Art summer classes that were open to all. From there I started airbrushing and lettering (boat transoms).

In 1999 I decided to go back to college and become a graphic designer. While attending classes at Bucks County Community College in Newtown Pennsylvania, I stumbled into web development. A substitute teacher walked into the room, handed us a piece of paper, and told us to open a text editor and type what was on the page. After 15 minutes we had all created our first web pages. I was hooked. I went home that night and created a website for my wife, me, and our menagerie of pets (11 at the time). The next semester I signed up for BCCC's Web Designer Certification.

During college, I secured an internship at Artspan.com. Artspan.com is a Facebook for artisans. While there I converted artist-submitted slides to digital format to be displayed on our custom-built pages. Working with Eric Sparre was so much fun and I learned a lot from him. To this day, I think of him every time I FTP a site. Thanks, Eric ;).


Nick Name: Combo Burrito, #2

Email: ron@rofedesign.com

Phone: (704) 340-8382

Location: NEW for 2022! Arcadia, FL 34269 USA

My Skills

Experience Skill

While studying at Bucks County Community College for Graphic Design, I stumbled into Web Development, and I have loved it every minute since.

I have the skill and understanding to take user requirements, current design trends, and development standards to create a user-friendly, highly functional website.


My Experience

20+ Years Experience

Over the past 20+ years, I have worked with multi-million dollar companies to mom and pop shops (I prefer the mom and pop), across multiple industries. I am referred to as Combo Burrito because I am both a designer and a developer. When I started you did either one or the other. I do both and I am damn good at them.


Web Master

Loyal Patron LLC

October, 2016 - 2021

Loyal Patron has been proudly helping small businesses build a customer marketing list and increase repeat and referral business. They offer Digital Check-In Kiosk, Mobile text marketing, Email marketing, WiFi marketing, Printed marketing materials, and much more.

When I was hired in 2016 to update/maintain their existing website. The site was overwhelming for us and the users. The CEO and I refined the existing site to its max, without changing the overall look and feel. In early 2019 I convinced the CEO that we needed to stop putting band-aids on an outdated design, and build a Loyal Patron 2.0. We also took this opportunity to make the site 100% responsive for all devices, desktop, laptop (small screen), tablets, and most importantly mobile phones. I used the Bootstrap framework to make the site as flexible and scalable as possible.

The Call Concierge (December 2021) would be the biggest project for me. The Call Concierge started as "hey Ron can you take this PDF and make a mockup of it so I can....", to me creating the wireframes, including complete user interface, and building the most complex yet beautiful site I have ever done. I even helped with the logo design. By far The Call Concierge is the most technically coded, most user-friendly, and focused, as well as the most beautifully designed site I have ever done.


Web Master

Mean City Cycles

March, 2007 - Present

Mean City Cycles is a motorcycle seat customizer. They take your stock or aftermarket seat and make them a thousand percent better. In 2007 I bought a Honda VTX motorcycle and joined a community forum. As I read through posts the name Mean City Cycles/Allen Austin kept coming up and what they could do to a stock seat. I decided to look them up. Once I got to the website I decided to get my seat modified and I thought how can someone have such a following and reputation and have such an amateur website (sorry Allen). I sent Allen an email and proposed a barter. I would redo his website if he would customize mine and my father's motorcycle seats. Well it has been CHANGEME years and we are more than customers of each other - we are family.

I have redone the site 4 times and just launched the newest iteration of Mean City Cycles website April 3, 2019. UPDATE new version is in the works for early 2022.

If you have a motorcycle and want your seat to be more comfortable contact allen@meancitycycles.com, and tell them I sent you. He will hook you up!


IT Operations Manager, Creative Lead

Ace Motor Acceptance Corp (AMAC)

June, 2008 - June, 2012 (6 years)

Design, build and maintain Intranet, Corporate Website, Customer Portal and Internal Loan Management website. Design and create all branded marketing material. I served as an IT help desk technician and was also in charge of IT-related purchases for the entire company.

I left AMAC in 2012 to move back to PA to help care for my family. In 2018 AMAC filed for bankruptcy and their website is no longer live.


Owner, Web Designer / Developer

Carolina Cyber Solutions

December, 2004 - June, 2012 (2 years, 7 months)

In 2004 I moved to Charlotte, NC, and did freelance work. In 2006 with an awesome server administrator as a partner we started Carolina Cyber Solutions. A small boutique interactive agency. We specialized in helping small companies get an online presence. We took our client's dream websites and broke them down into affordable phases to be released over time based on their budgets.

We created the first website for GB USA. We also created websites for First Baptist Church of Morrisville, Boneyard Tavern, Deborah Ross Ministries, Blow Kiss Jewelry, Dr. Q's, Newtown Village HOA, Piedmont Pest Control, and our favorite client off all time Mean City Cycles (above)


Web Developer & Jr. Web Designer

Refinery Inc.

October, 2001 - November, 2004

Refinery was an interactive agency located in Huntingdon Valley, PA. While employed there I did web development and web design - thus the name "Combo Burrito" was born. I was also the second Ron to work in the 7 man team at Merck, so I was also known as #2.

I worked onsite for Merck Pharmaceuticals. The sites included Merck Source (renamed Merck Engage), Merck Medicus (renamed Merck Connect), Merck OnCall, & a couple Product specific pages.

In 2004 Bill Rancic, winner of the hit TV series "The Apprentice," was named as corporate spokesman for Advanta Corp., and Refinery was hired to produce a website celebrating this partnership. We were tasked to create/test and launch the website in 3 days.

I also did work for Motorola, Sony Pictures Classic, Campbells Soup, and Advanta (above)

Refinery, was acquired in 2007 by G2 Worldwide.


Educational Background

After high school, I was a line cook at a pizza place. I got my foot in the door with Mariot and got a real education on cooking. While there the chef had an extensive library that he allowed any of the cooks to borrow. This started me down the path of self-study/learning. When I did decide to go to college I was in my late 20s. I did several online courses and appreciated that I could learn at my own pace.



Continuing Education
2008 - Present

Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic, and government subscriptions, members have access to the Lynda.com video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

I thrive on learning at my own pace. I started with HTML 2 and have gone through all iterations since. When ever I need to learn something new (if I can't find the inforamtion for free) I go to Lynda.com

  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • Web Site Planning and Wireframing
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
  • HTML5 Structure Syntax and Semantics
  • BootStrap
  • Mobile Web Design & Development Fundamentals
  • and many many more


Bucks County Community College

Graphic Design / Web Design Certification
1999 - 2003


Northeast High School (Philadelphia, PA)

1986 - 1989


My Recent Work

I have included some recent and some older examples of both web and print projects.


Mean City Cycles (2019)

Web Design/Development


The Call Concierge by Loyal Patron (2021)

Wireframe/UXA/Web Design/Development


Loyal Patron (2019)

Web Design/Development


RadonFX (2021)

Web Design/Development/Logo Design


Blue Grey Plastic Fabrication (2019)

Web Design/Development


Bookin' for Lookin' (2021)

Web Design/Development


Lucky Dawg Detailing (2020)

Web Design/Development


BIA Strathroy (2020)

Web Design/Development


Safe Patrons (2021)

Company went under due to COVID



Web Design/Development


Logo Concept (2010)

Graphic Design


Logo Design (2011)

Graphic Design


Floor Displays (2018)

Print Design


Floor Displays (2010)

Print Design

Contact Me

Lets Keep In Touch

Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. I do not charge for consultations. My work schedule is limited due to debilitating migraines, but I would be glad to help in anyway I can.

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